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PostgreSQL Writer.

DBConvert Streams Writer supports PostgreSQL databases version 10 and later as a target database for writing data collected from a source.

Follow the instructions on this page to set up PostgreSQL as a target.


  1. A running PostgreSQL instance.
  2. IP addresses of DBConvert Streams services are whitelisted on the target Postgres server.

Whitelist DBS Target Writer.

In the postgresql.conf file, add the DBS Target server IP addresses or * for the listen_addresses parameter to allow all IPs to connect.

Start editing the pg_hba.conf, which is usually found at /etc/postgresql/<version>/main/.

Add the IP address of DBConvert Streams Target Server or to allow all IPs to connect.

host         all      <user>                md5


Here is an example of a JSON object describing Postgres configured as a target.

"target": {
    "type": "postgresql",
    "connection": "postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/destination"

Learn more about PostgreSQL Connection parameters.

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