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Install DBConvert Streams.

You can install and run the DBConvert Streams binaries on your machine from the latest version; unpack the Zip file and copy the DBS binaries to the appropriate directory.

Supported operating systems and architectures.

The following table lists the currently supported DBS build combinations for operating systems and architectures.

Operating SystemArchitectures
Linuxamd64, arm64
Darwin (macOS)amd64

Install required third-party components.

"DBConvert Streams" for internal use requires NATS and optionally Prometheus to be installed.

NATS Server.

The DBS Event Hub is built on top of NATS, allowing communication between other DBConvert Streams components. Follow the instructions for installing the NATS server.

IMPORTANT: nats-server must be started with --jetstream flag to enable JetStream functionality.

nats-server --jetstream

A running NATS server should output something like this:

[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789413 [INF] Starting nats-server
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789435 [INF]   Version:  2.9.6
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789438 [INF]   Git:      [289a9e1]
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789440 [INF]   Name:     NDXYABFMKOCZA4PEVT2GSVF7C2JAI4B42SQETDLQPE5EMARK47IFGPWM
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789442 [INF]   Node:     7E3Re3Ip
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789444 [INF]   ID:       NDXYABFMKOCZA4PEVT2GSVF7C2JAI4B42SQETDLQPE5EMARK47IFGPWM
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.789606 [INF] Starting JetStream
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854582 [INF]     _ ___ _____ ___ _____ ___ ___   _   __  __
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854593 [INF]  _ | | __|_   _/ __|_   _| _ \ __| /_\ |  \/  |
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854595 [INF] | || | _|  | | \__ \ | | |   / _| / _ \| |\/| |
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854597 [INF]  \__/|___| |_| |___/ |_| |_|_\___/_/ \_\_|  |_|
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854599 [INF]
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854601 [INF]
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854603 [INF]
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854605 [INF] ---------------- JETSTREAM ----------------
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854613 [INF]   Max Memory:      23.23 GB
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854616 [INF]   Max Storage:     11.58 GB
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854618 [INF]   Store Directory: "/tmp/nats/jetstream"
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854620 [INF] -------------------------------------------
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.854819 [INF] Listening for client connections on
[84405] 2022/11/22 00:36:29.855012 [INF] Server is ready


DBConvert Streams components collect internal metrics and expose them to Prometheus. Follow the instructions for Installing Prometheus

The example Prometheus configuration below periodically scrapes DBS statistics endpoints.

Copy the contents of the YAML configuration below and save it in the prometheus.yml file.

  # How frequently to scrape targets by default.
  scrape_interval: 15s
  # How frequently to evaluate rules.
  evaluation_interval: 15s

  # - "first.rules"
  # - "second.rules"

  # Override the global default and scrape the Source Reader every second.
  - job_name: "source"
    scrape_interval: 1s
      - targets: [""]

  # Override the global default and scrape the Target Writers every second.
  - job_name: "target"
    scrape_interval: 1s
      # The targets specified by the static config.
      - targets: ["", "", ""]

A scrape_configs section defines a set of targets and parameters describing how to scrape them.

A static_configs allows you to specify a list of targets. Three targets set in job_name: 'target' means that Prometheus scrapes three instances of Target writers running on ports 8022-8024.

Run Prometheus in the second terminal, specifying the config created above:

prometheus --config.file=prometheus.yml

Open address in a web browser.

Prometheus initial state

You can see that Prometheus has started scraping the configured endpoints. These endpoints are now in the DOWN state until the appropriate services are started.

Installing DDBConvert Streams Binaries.

Installing DBS is just extracting a zip file and copying the binaries to the appropriate folder.


You could manually download the ZIP archive matching your system architecture and unzip it.

The example below shows how to download version 1.0.0 of the DBConvert Streams for Linux AMD64 with curl:

curl -L -o

Please refer to the DBS Releases page to download the latest (or any) version of DBConvert Streams for your platform.


Once downloaded, unzip the package to any folder.

unzip -d dbs
  inflating: dbs/
  inflating: dbs/
  inflating: dbs/dbs-api
  inflating: dbs/dbs-source-reader
  inflating: dbs/dbs-target-writer


Finally, you will have three unpacked DBS binaries:

  1. dbs-api - The DBConvert Streams API server is used to receive requests from clients to manage streams and provide communication between other DBS services, such as source readers and target writers.
  2. dbs-source-reader - DBConvert Streams Source Reader is used to continuously collect data from a specified source.
  3. dbs-target-writer - DBConvert Streams Target Writer writes the collected events from a source to a specified target.

Start DBS Services in separate terminals:

Launch DBS API Server and DBS Source Reader. Accordingly, they will run on their default ports, 8020 and 8021.


In most cases, it is enough to have only one instance of DBS Target Writer running unless there is a heavy load on the source database. But for demonstration purposes, we will run three DBConvert Streams Target writers. The first one runs on the default port, 8022. Let's create two other DBS writers on custom ports: 8023 and 8024.

You can configure the IP address and port with the -host flag.

./dbs-target-writer -host
./dbs-target-writer -host

Finally, you have the following running services:

  • NATS Server
  • Prometheus
  • DBS API Server
  • DBS Source Reader
  • 3 instances of DBS Target Writers.

Launched services

If you now check prometheus target endpoint in a browser, you should see that all source and target endpoints have changed their status to UP.

prometheus running services

See the following sections for more information about using the DBConvert Streams API.

DBConvert Streams - event driven replication for databases