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Convert mode.

"Convert" mode in DBConvert Streams focuses on transferring data between databases by reading records directly from the source database tables. Every type of database has its unique structure, and there is no universal approach for seamless data transfer.

When operating in conversion mode, DBConvert Streams automates the stages of reading data from the source tables. It handles the intricacies and variations of each database system, ensuring that the data is extracted accurately and efficiently.

By leveraging its intelligent algorithms, DBConvert Streams facilitates the conversion process, mapping data types, transforming schemas, and handling necessary data manipulations to ensure compatibility between the source and target databases.

DBConvert Streams eliminates the burden of manual data extraction and transformation. Instead, the platform takes care of these tasks, providing a streamlined and automated solution for transferring data between diverse database systems.

Supported Source Database Types.

DBConvert Streams currently supports the following sources:

  • MySQL/ MariaDB
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL
  • Amazon Aurora (MySQL Compatible)
  • PostgreSQL/ CockroachDB
  • Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • Amazon Aurora (PostgreSQL Compatible)

Sources are defined and configured using a simple set of properties in

JSON format. In the source section, the mode parameter should be set to "convert" to enable conversion functionality.

"source": {
    "type": "mysql",
    "connection": "root:123456@tcp("

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