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DBConvert Streams FAQ.

❓ Can DBConvert Streams convert Postgres data between different operating systems?

✔️ Yes, DBConvert Streams allows you to establish remote connections to PostgreSQL servers running on both Windows and Linux. This means that you can set up a source connection pointing to a Windows-based Postgres server and a target connection pointing to a Linux-based Postgres server, and use DBConvert Streams to transfer data between the two. For example, you could use DBConvert Streams to migrate data from a Windows Postgres server to a Linux Postgres server, or vice versa.


❓ I received the following error after 30 minutes of inactivity on my Postgres connection: "SendStandbyStatusUpdate failed: write failed: closed". How can I resolve this?

✔️ The error is likely occurring because there were no transactions in the source database, and the connection was closed due to inactivity. To resolve this issue, you can increase the pool_max_conn_idle_time runtime parameter for the Postgres connection.
For example, you can specify a connection string such as postgres://postgres:[email protected]:5432/mydb?pool_max_conn_idle_time=10h, which sets the maximum idle time to 10 hours. This should prevent the connection from being closed due to inactivity."


❓ I received a MySQL error 1049 when trying to connect to the database.

✔️ Let's say you want to connect to the database called my_database, and your DSN includes the database name like this:


The MySQL error 1049 may occur when the database specified in the connection string aka DSN (Data Source Name) does not exist.

To avoid this error, you need to leave the database name out of the DSN when connecting to non-existing database. The DSN should only include the connection details (e.g., user, password, host, port), like this:


The new database can then be created using a SQL CREATE DATABASE statement, and the connection string can be updated to include the database name: user:password@tcp(localhost:3306)/my_database.

DBConvert Streams handle MySQL error 1049. It will automatically create a database on the target if it does not already exist.

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